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If you are like me, you are fearful of being over forty. In many ways we have so much more going for us, but so many of us are lacking the confidence to do the things we really want. Well, I say, feel the fear and do it anyway! This blog is for women over forty who want to be fearless, fabulous and fun, but maybe lack the courage to take the journey alone. I firmly believe that the sky really is the limit to what we can accomplish once we set our minds to it and why do we limit ourselves because of our age? Why do we tell ourselves that we can’t be sexy anymore, or go back to school or change careers or leave that dysfunctional relationship we have been in? Why do we constantly keep giving others what they need, while only leaving crumbs for ourselves? Many of us have been beaten down by life and the best support and encouragement we can receive is by other women who have grit, courage and tenacity or at least have it in the moment. If you need and want more, you’ve come to the right place!

We are going on a journey into the unknown together. I don’t purport to have all the answers and that is why I will link you to many wonderful sites out there that can help us, as well as offering you my perspective on many things, including parenting teens, changing careers, going through trials such as death, divorce and moving. I also am very much into health and fitness, cooking gluten and dairy free foods, entertaining, decorating, being fashionable and truly being a better, older version of myself.   I feel that I can offer you something, genuine, valuable and motivating and I look forward to getting better with age, with you!

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