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Valentine's Day Ideas

Valentine’s Day this year falls on a Saturday. This hopefully will give you a little more time to spoil the people that you love and have them spoil you back. I’ve provided some ideas and links that will help you enjoy the day/evening without breaking the bank.


Breakfast! Valentine’s Day breakfasts are the best. Your kids and your S.O. (significant other for lack of a better word) will think you are a rock star because food is always appreciated. The following sites have the best Valentine’s Day ideas to make breakfast memorable and enjoyable.

Dinner ideas range from romantic, to fun, to cutsie depending on who you are with for Valentine’s Day dinner. No S.O. this year? No kids? Call some of your single guy or girlfriends, have a potluck, watch a great movie (link for best comedies below) and drink wine or fun cocktails. Whatever you do, don’t stay home alone and feel sorry for yourself–that thinking just won’t help propel you into the “you” that you truly want to be.

Best Comedies of All Time-

Fabulous Yummy Dinner Ideas-

If you are spending the evening home with your S.O., wine and a romantic movie is an inexpensive way to relax and get snuggly. I’ve provided links to healthy, romantic dinners for two, my favorite under $18 wine brand, and the 30 most romantic movies ever.

Romantic Dinner-

Must-Try Wine-

Romantic Movies-

If you give presents to your loved ones on Valentine’s Day the following sites have amazingly cute things that I have never seen anywhere else.

Gifts for Your S.O.-

Gifts for Your Kids-

Enjoy February 14th this year. Make it special and remember that all of that good energy that you are sending out, eventually will come back to you!